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José Roca:
Thanks for your feedback.

I didn't notice it because I use CSED now. Also, instead of the wrapper OpenFileDialog I use now the CAfxFileDialog class.

Dubravko Tuckoric:
It seems that source code is missing now. There are two exetutables with same name but different in size. Whitch is right ?
Did you posted corected in your WINAPI suite ?

José Roca:
Sorry, I did delete the wrong file. New files uploaded.

I will post a new version of the headers in a few days, when PBWin 10.02 will be released. There will be important new includes, such an OpenGL control and classes for ODBC ad GDI+.

I will also begin to post examples, now that both the compiler and the includes have all know bugs fixed.

Jaime de los Hoyos:
Cool! Looking forward to that. Maybe it's finally time to do the switch to v10! (You sure all reported bugs were fixed, right? I don't know if previous versions' releases were like this, but this one sure was a bumpy ride...)

Thanks for all your fine work; gracias!!

Rick McNeely:
Hey all,

I know that I can tell SED which compiler to use by default.  Can I have a PBCC program in one tab and a PBWin program in another and have each compile with the correct compiler without changing the default?  I thought maybe using the #compiler directive, but that doesn't seem to work.


(SED is still the best IDE!)


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