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Eros Olmi:

Kent Sarikaya:
Linux's hope to become dominant on the desktop is largely based on it being adopted on desktops in emerging markets which have huge populations who are at the moment OS neutral. So this story is a scary trend and shows it has legs if Microsoft is creating fighting trenches in those areas. It does show the importance of those markets for the future. Linux has a nice place in servers at the moment, getting to the desktop is a lot harder.

Donald Darden:
If you want the broader market, you have to make it simpler than it is.  Linux still has a geek flavor to it.  It uses cryptic names for things, it treats everything as a file (which makes some difficulties in handling devices), and it forces you to revert to a Terminal interface to find a workaround when something is not on the menu.

Look at the terminal interface as being retarded.  It goes back to the generic tty and VT100 terminal concepts.  You have to learn bash commands and master an arcane syntax to make use of it.  It is not user friendly.

Between help, info, and man, you have three ways to try and identify and learn how to use specific commands.  But that is just to learn the calling convensions.  How about when and how to use the commands?  That is what examples are suppose to show you.  But the assumption is that you already know that, or are bright enough to figure it out on your own.

I don't know that Microsoft stole the show as the link infers.  Maybe they did not have to.  Someone with some Windows experience in the government could have gotten his hands on the Linux distribution and decided that this is too hard, and convinced the government to switch over.  That's the problem with Linux -- while many things are easier than ever, it is not intuitive in nature, and the hand holding stops as soon as youj get it loaded.

Petr Schreiber:

I am not confused by fact those guys are switching to Windows,
I am 100% sure they just have seen: Steve Ballmers advertisement on Windows.
Could you resist such a offer :D ?


Kent Sarikaya:
Thanks Petr, great video. When I first saw a Steve Ballmer video, it was the one labeled Steve Ballmer going crazy, and since I didn't know him, I just wondered about the guy. But now seeing his long history of enthusiastic charactersitics in these videos, I like the guy. He is the type of guy you would want on your team. If he is in, he is committed and not afraid to show his enthusiasm.

He must have played sports as a kid and had a coach early on in his life that really motivated him and he just uses that enthusiasm and energy to this day. He is definitely a good person to go into marketing.

I know he is the driving force behind the UMPC development. The mock up devices they showed at Microsoft's Site are the kind of devices we would all love to have. Hopefully his enthusiasm and skills, as a marketing person with the clout of being the head of a huge corporation, can get those kind of devices in our hands soon at a great price.


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