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Pierre Bellisle:
Hey Charles!

A question for you if you have a minute or two to spare...

My Precompiler send the following:
D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\co2.exe -32-m "D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\demos\WinDynDialogs\TabControl.o2bas" "D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\demos\WinDynDialogs\TabControl.exe" "D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\~code\Default.res"

I got a O2H messahebox saying [File not found: default.res] but co2.txt say [Okay].

If I copy [default.res] in [D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\demos\WinDynDialogs\] then all goes well.

Q1) Is it normal to have a messagebox with the [-m] switch ?
Q2) For a .res resource file, is it mandatory to have it in the .02bas folder ? 

Thank you,

Roland Stowasser:
Hi Pierre,

in WinDynDialog's input box, I started a command window:

In the cmd window I entered (for my system) this command:
d:\OxygenBasic\co2.exe TabControl.o2bas
This opens the app in jit mode.

these commands at the prompt:

D:\OxygenBasic\demos\WinDynDialogs>d:\OxygenBasic\co2.exe -32 -m TabControl.o2bas TabControl.exe


will create the exe file and it then can be started.

There is no .res file in this folder directly. It must first be created from a rc file.


Pierre Bellisle:
Hi Roland.

In fact, I have no problem compiling with or without a resource file.
My problem is more when a resource is not in the .o2bas folder.
You can see my command line above...
I'm not sure about Charles intention on Q1 and Q2...

Thank you for your interest.

Charles Pegge:
Hi Pierre,

The -m switch should switch off the message box

The directory-path for res files currently gets stripped off the file-name. I will fix that on the next release.

Pierre Bellisle:
Hi Charles,

Many thanks for the future stripped path adjustement.

For the -m switch, I did put the exact same text from my precompiler as seen above to a .bat file and I still have an o2 message box.
Try this...


--- Code: ---D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\co2.exe -32-m "D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\demos\WinDynDialogs\TabControl.o2bas" "D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\demos\WinDynDialogs\TabControl.exe" "D:\Dev\Oxygen\o2\~code\~~~Resource.res"


--- End code ---


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