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James C. Fuller:
   Did you forget to update the version on your last upload.
According to oxylog.txt you had changes on 03/10/2022 and 02/10/2022
   but this is what I get for print "o2 version  : " version() cr

  o2 version  : 0.5.0 2022-10-01T05:03:55


Charles Pegge:
It's okay James, my last updates were mostly lib source file fixes. But the o2 time stamper is not automated yet, so it is not always accurate!

Roland Stowasser:
Hi Charles,

you improved the printl function in by changing the order of cr. This requires some changes in some demo programs. I have corrected the corresponding programs from version 050P10 in the !ProjB\Console folder and attached them as a zip file. The zip file contains only the modified programs.

In NonBlockingCons.o2bas the statement:
had to be replaced with:
    % MAXRECORD = 8

I don't know if other programs are affected because of the new behaviour of printl. But I have only started to check the new O2 compilation.


Charles Pegge:
Hi Roland,

Thank you for the corrections, and Welcome aboard!

Only static array dimensioning, and equates containing consts are affected.

In the current version, constants are defined at run-time with a once-only assignment. This allows variables of any type to be defined as constant. But the fixed values are no longer determined at compile-time.

I did not find any other affected programs, apart from Ed's interpreter, which we fixed previously.


I've returned it to the original compile-time constants. There were too many issues with the new definition. So no more trouble dimensioning static arrays.

Chris Chancellor:
Welcome Roland,   thanxx a lot for joining the O2 forum here.
How are you ?


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