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Blit-Lab - Graphic Copy and BitBlt revisited


Theo Gottwald:
For an actual Project I am evaluating, in which tasks i can use the Graphics Hardware to speed things up.
So i made this Utility which can be used to test the different modes of the Blitter.
It supports the Powerbasic Graphics-Copy Syntax as well as the underlying BitBlt API.
You can choose some pictures, and choose the Blit-Command and see the result.
The excutable is attached to this Post as RAR File.

The raster operations used with BitBlt and StretchBlt involve a combination of three objects, and this results in 256 raster operations. There are 256 ways to combine a source bitmap, a destination bitmap, and a pattern. Fifteen of these raster operations are given names—some of them rather obscure—defined in WINGDI.H. The others have numeric values that are shown in /Platform SDK/Graphics and Multimedia Services/GDI/Raster Operation Codes/Ternary Raster Operations.


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