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TCLib example for Patrice

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James C. Fuller:
  I doubt very much you can live without STL :) but here is a C++/TCLib example using my version of Fred's TCLib (included).
You cannot use the Visual Studio IDE. All compiling is done from the command line using the included batch file.
TCLib.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib are the libraries linked by default from the batch file.

Give it a go!


Mike Lobanovsky:

--- Quote from: James C. Fuller on January 12, 2017, 02:10:08 PM ---You cannot use the Visual Studio IDE.
--- End quote ---

But why not? Actually you can!  ;D

Below is a VS2013 Ultimate solution for TCLib and ForPatrice01.CPP. A similar one can be used in VS2015 too; just change the C++ toolset in the project General Configuration properties from v120 to v140 and add the compiler /Zc:sizedDealloc- option unavailable in VS2013.

The project compiles with warnings (Strings.h/.cpp seem to redefine a lot of VC common stuff and they also use "deprecated" functions) but without errors. The resultant executable (get it in the \VS2013\x64\Release subfolder) is exactly as large and functional as the one generated with your batch file.

James C. Fuller:
  Thank you. That's what I get for supposin'.
No use to me as I don't use the ide but might get Patrice started.


Patrice Terrier:
Patrice couldn't understand this type of dialog code  :-X

Couldn't get it to work on 2015, nor with my VS Pro 2013.


James C. Fuller:
  I was able to create a VS2015 community version.
I created a VS2015 folder in the JCFULLER folder and copied the files from the VS2013 folder to it.
I right clicked on the JCF.sIn and opened it. It updated to VS2015 and I was able to build the solution.
  Now I am curious, and would like to know how to create a new solution from scratch preferably the sdk version not the rc versiom. Mike?



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