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Igor Dovgunyk:
Theo, thank for the invitation.

My English - is not my English. I never studied this language, and the program - translator which I use, unfortunately, is not capable to transform correctly the structure of speech accepted for concrete language.
 Should tell, I not bad understand the English texts, but very unusual way - I read them as if they are written in German.

What can I do, if people write so many letters, and then them do not utter, or utter, but something absolutely another :( :)?

Examples of a code? Yes. I have interesting (for me :)) examples, but all of them on PB9.
For example, "class ComCollection" on pure PB9? Seems, at forums such was not.
I shall think of it...

Theo Gottwald:
If you have something interesting, jst share it and we start a discussion.
PB 9 ist still welcome. You can post here in my subforum.


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