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Theo Gottwald:
This is meant as an example Source code for the used technology to change a running application on the fly.
This one works closely with the old PB 9 Editor.

Igor Dovgunyk:
Hi Тhео. But in fact your archive incomplete.
I offer the latest version...

Yes, it is my work. As in PB10 Bob has refused from MDI, I have stopped this work.

Gary Beene:
Thank you for the updates!

Before I try out the code, I want to understand a bit more about what it does.

Would you give a brief description of how it works?

And, can I test it without messing with my PBWin9 or PBWin10 installations?

In general, I might have guessed that over the years multiple folks would have posted ways to create addons to the PowerBASIC IDE - independent of whether PowerBASIC INC supported it or not.  But I've not seen any such string of addon applications.  Can you comment on why that is?

Igor Dovgunyk:
The idea was to add in PBdit.exe (9. X; 8. X; 7. X or PBCC.exe) new functionalities or to modify existing. I was a lot of ideas and code has taken from the SED-editor.

For testing copy PrePbEd.dll, PrePbCm.dll and PbEdit9 +.exe in the catalogue of installation PBWin9. X (in a folder "bin") and start "PbEdit9 +.exe".

PbEdit9 +.exe - creates new process PBdit.exe and loads into his address space PrePbEd.dll and PrePbCm.dll.
PrePbCm.dll - a little bit modified postprocessor from Semen Matusovski.
PrePbEd.dll - performs all other work:
   - the expanded highlight of syntax PB, and also *.rc, *.odl, *.idl;
   - updating of windows of "Search" and "Replace" (preservation and restoration of a history) is started;
   - work with projects *.spf (SED editor);
   - and many other things...
There were many ideas. The some are completely realized, the some in part.
The idea is certainly - interesting, but the project is constructed rather chaotically. Simply I was not going to make its public and in any way did not assume, that the project will find at one small forum and will suggest as an example for the big community...

I not the professional programmer and the given employment simply one of my hobbies. It is obvious, that for me this process of the decision of a task is more important, than result :).

Theo Gottwald:
Igor, after i got your code as sample code from somebody, i took a look and said that its an interesting coding sample that should be shared with the coding community.

Welcome here in the Forum, Igor.
If possible provide us with more samples of what you are doing.
Don't worry. Your english - while not beeing perfect - is ok.
You are welcome.


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