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José Roca:
A programmer's editor for the PB/WIN and PB/CC compilers written by members of the PowerBASIC community. His names and contributions are specified in the SED History page of the help file. It uses Scintilla as the editing component.

Key Features

* Tabbed MDI interface
* Multiple instances
* Drag and drop files to the editor
* Syntax highlighting
* Block indent/unindent
* Block comment/uncomment
* Unlimited undo and redo
* Bookmarks
* Codefinder
* Keyboard macros
* Folding
* Zoom
* Indentation guides
* Project management
* Code analyzer
* Codetips and autocompletion
* Context help
* Customizable colors and fonts
* Conversion to Html for easy web publishing
* Ability to compile untitled files
* Execute without compiling
* Split windows
* Color printing and print preview
* Ability to create resource files on the fly
* Post-processor
* Support for PB templates
* Find in files
* MRU (Most recent used files)
* Optional reloading of previous file set at start
* Tools menu
* Plug-ins
* Lynx support
What is new in this version?

The main change has been to adapt the code to allow to compile it with PB 10 and my headers for that compiler. Other minor changes include that in this vrersion the PB reserved words are stored in the file SED_PB_KEYWORDS.TXT instead of listed in the source code.


To install the editor, just unzip the attached file(s) in the folder of your choice.

Attached files

SED203_Release: Contains the editor, the help file and the tools and DLLs.

SED203_Source: Contains the source code.

Paul Elliott:

Shouldn't the source zip be for v2.03? I keep getting v2.02 files.

No rush. Just curious.


José Roca:
Sorry, I did attach the wrong file. New file uploaded.

Jaime de los Hoyos:
Hi José,

I just downloaded this new version, and noticed that, when creating a new file and trying to save it I get the "Open..." dialog, making it impossible to save a new file.

I haven't yet taken a look into the source, but I think it must be some simple oversight...

José Roca:
A silly mistake in

--- Code: ---#IF %DEF(%UNICODE)
   MACRO AfxOpenFileDialog = AfxOpenFileDialogW
   MACRO OpenFileDialog = AfxSaveFileDialogW
   MACRO AfxOpenFileDialog = AfxOpenFileDialogA
   MACRO OpenFileDialog = AfxSaveFileDialogA

--- End code ---

should be

--- Code: ---#IF %DEF(%UNICODE)
   MACRO AfxOpenFileDialog = AfxOpenFileDialogW
   MACRO OpenFileDialog = AfxOpenFileDialogW
   MACRO AfxOpenFileDialog = AfxOpenFileDialogA
   MACRO OpenFileDialog = AfxOpenFileDialogA

--- End code ---

New file uploaded.


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