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PBWin10 and COM

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Dominic Mitchell:
Finding out what is different between 9 and 10 should be interesting.
My Component Object Model SDK class successfully compiles on both version 9 and 10, but
the exe produced by version 10 GPF's.

José Roca:
Regarding COM, the major change is native Unicode support.

Also, if you use internal callback classes that are called by an external application, you must declare them as COMMON to avoid code removal.

José Roca:
Another change is that VARIANT$ is now for VARIANTs containing an ANSI string. For VARIANTs containing an Unicode string you must use VARIANT$$.

Dominic Mitchell:
#OPTIMIZE CODE OFF does not solve the problem.

I will check Unicode/Variant$ later.

Eros Olmi:



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