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New Board for Opengl Shader Language with PowerBasic & FreeBasic


Charles Pegge:

This board is for discussion, articles and code. - Anything to do with GLSL.

Petr Schreiber:
Thanks a lot,

Here I attach some "must haves" links:


Validator from 3D Labs:


Kent Sarikaya:
Thanks for the area on the forum Charles, and thanks Petr for the links. I am not ready for glsl yet, but nice to know where to look when the time comes.

David Boytor:
To whom it may concern

link does not exist anymore!

Validator from 3D Labs:

Petr Schreiber:
Hi David,

what seemed good "validation" approach to me is to have one PC with card from ATI/AMD and one with card by NVIDIA.

The NVIDIA cards are maybe better for enthusiasts, because they allow to go "over the specs" in some things, but ATi/AMD cards are more strict on other side, so it is "safer" to develop on ATi and then do tests on NVIDIA, if you develop apps for wide range of customers.



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