Returns an Error object containing detailed information about the last error that occurred. Read-only.


PowerBASIC Syntax


PROPERTY GET Error () AS IScriptError




The returned Error object is used for both compilation and run-time errors.


Note Not all Error object properties are valid at all times. When a property is not appropriate for a specific error, its value will be 0 or a zero-length string ("").


Example [PowerBASIC]




DIM pSc AS IScriptControl

DIM pError AS IScriptError

DIM lErrorNumber AS LONG

DIM strErrorSource AS STRING

DIM strErrorDescription AS STRING

DIM strErrorHelpFile AS STRING

DIM lErrorHelpContext AS LONG

DIM strErrorText AS STRING

DIM lErrorLine AS LONG

DIM lErrorColumn AS LONG


' Create an instance of the Microsoft Script Control

pSc = NEWCOM "MSScriptControl.ScriptControl"




' Get a reference to the Error interface

pError = pSc.Error

lErrorNumber = pError.Number

strErrorSource = ACODE$(pError.Source)

strErrorDescription = ACODE$(pError.Description)

strErrorText = ACODE$(pError.Text)

lErrorLine = pError.Line

lErrorColumn = pError.Column




' Clears all errors



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